Performance Upgrades and 

High Output Packages

Customization is more than just appearance. 

It's also about performance.

Look no further - when it comes to getting the most from your machine, St. Paul Harley-Davidson® is your one stop high performance center.

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Harley-Davidson's Screamin' Eagle® line of performance enhancements provide factory-tested and approved solutions. All of these products are backed by millions of dollars in Harley-Davidson® design, engineering, and testing. These packages do what they say. All professionally installed by our experienced technicians. No hype here.

If we can't match your performance desires to a Screamin' Eagle® kit, not to worry we deal with every performance manufacturer in the business and are experienced in creating a powerful package to match any application.

Put power to the pavement with a custom-built performance package like our High Output M8 Stage 3 114 to 122 build. We mesh power with durability through the selective use of products like high tensile strength cylinder studs, steel sandwich head gaskets, compression releases, performance cam plates and lifters, high flow oil pumps and crankcase breathers, chain and gear drive camshafts, adjustable or perfect-fit pushrods, forged rocker arm supports, high performance and race clutch assemblies, heavy duty compensators, performance cylinder heads or in-house modifications, high compression pistons, custom drive ratios, valve spring matching, tuned induction and exhaust systems, and a custom built engine calibration map! 

Whether you are looking to dial in your SE Street Tuner Pro, Dyno Jet Power Vision, or TTS St. Paul Harley-Davidson is the Tuning Center you are looking for. We specialize in creating outstanding performance while providing excellent street manners for the broadest operating range without dead spots or hiccups. 

Multiple packages and combinations are available for Milwaukee Eight®, Twin Cam®, Evolution®, and Sportster® engines. Some kits simply modify the intake system. Other kits include performance cam installation, big bore cylinders, or stroker flywheels. They have all been carefully tailored for peak performance at specific operating ranges. 

Define what you want for shift points, power bands and top end then reach out to one of our experienced Service Advisors. We will answer your questions, dive into the details and put together the build that fulfills those dreams!


Don't be the last one to leave when the light turns green.

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